CNC Mitre Saws

Double-head cutting-off machine with automatic movement of the mobile head and electronic management of all 45° (internal) to 15° (external) angles. The radial advancement of the extended blades allow the blade shaft to project beyond the profile support surface, means it is possible to make the most of the maximum cutting area and to machine several profiles at the same time. The innovative virtual rotation axis of the cutting units, as well as conferring absolute rigidity to the system, allows to manage positioning and profile blocking with great accuracy. These features allow greater cutting precision than other machines in its category and the name PRECISION is defined as the main feature. All axes movements take place on guides and slides on ball bearings.

CNC Mitre Saw

CNC mitre saws are pieces of machinery used to automatically cut specific angles across a medium such as wood or metal. Using this apparatus, a much higher level of consistency and accuracy can be achieved during fabrication processes. Computers are used to interact with the hardware, measuring cutting paths within tiny increments and resulting in a finish within very high tolerances.

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