3D Printing

Nevilles can Provide you with state of the art 3D printing, we can turn your Extrusion designs into reality by producing samples and assembles in super-fast time.

Industrial 3D printing is an additive manufacturing process that works best for functional prototypes, complex designs, reducing multipart assemblies, and end-use applications. Our rigorous quality control measures and commercial-grade equipment create highly precise parts every single time.

The uPrint SE Plus has the ability to print multiple colours (though only one colour can be printed in a single job) and a soluble support material. The uPrint SE Plus serves the needs of engineers who need to print:

  • Pre-assembled 3D mechanisms
  • Parts with delicate features
  • Models that can be used for form and fit tests

The SE Plus has a compact form factor (it’s roughly 2 ft. wide by 2 ft. deep by 3 ft. high) and a hushed operating mode. These attributes combine to make the SE Plus suitable for operating in close proximity to design teams so it is more convenient for them to iterate through designs quickly.


At least 23% of electrical equipment collected at recycling centres could be refurbished. One reason this equipment is not refurbished is that spares are hard to get, and holding large stocks of every part is a huge burden on manufacturers and suppliers. 3D printing means that stockpiles of parts can be replaced by libraries of designs that are simple to maintain and available forever, reducing waste and landfill.

Milling and machining can use 30lb of material to produce a 1lb product. As well as less waste, 3D products are easily recycled. Shredders are being developed, to enable home recycling, and these will even turn plastic milk containers into 3D raw material.

At Nevilles Precision Engineering Ltd, we offer outstanding 3D Printing services to reduce a wide variety of physical prototypes being created.

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