Aluminium Extrusion

What is Aluminium Extrusion?

Extrusion is a process in which a metal or plastic material, such as Aluminium, can be forced (extruded) through a die (metal shaped piece) to produce a product.

How does the cost of dies and tooling for aluminium extrusion compare with the costs of other processes and materials?

The cost of dies for aluminium extrusion is normally much lower than the cost for other processes. This involves processes like die casting, forming, stamping or vinyl extrusion. Prices can vary, depending on the die and tooling of the extrusion. However, the duration for aluminium extrusion is typically half of the duration of vinyl extrusions.

This means that our extrusions are less expensive due to a shorter duration that is needed to complete the extrusion.

How does the strength-to-weight ratio compare with the ratio for other materials?

Even though Aluminium possess a lightweight property, its high-level resilience at low to mid-range temperatures means it is resistant to breaking under tension. Materials like rolled formed steel and copper extrusions are widely used, but aluminium is best known for a density which is one-third of steel.

Therefore, engineers usually use aluminium for extrusions. There are many processes involved with extrusions, such as Cutting, Finishing, Packaging, Fabrication and Thermal Breaking. During these processes, many metals or plastic materials can become brittle; not aluminium though. This is what makes aluminium extrusions reliable and durable.

What sort of tolerances can be achieved?

Aluminium Extrusions usually provide tighter tolerances than other materials, such as vinyl extrusions. The main tolerances that are widely used in this process are the diameter of the die and the functioning size. Due to the varying temperatures Aluminium can withstand, tolerances such as flatness, cross sections and surface roughness can also be achieved.

Aluminium Extrusion by Nevilles Precision Engineering

What are the advantages of using the 6xxx series of alloys in aluminium extrusions?

The 6xxx series, which incorporates magnesium and silicon, provide good extrudability, strength, corrosion resistance, formability and machinability.

If you can produce custom aluminium extrusion profiles by the customs drawings?

There are nearly 50% of the extruded aluminium products are made by the customs drawing or samples not only window profiles but also nearly 40% industrial profiles… If possible, please send us your enquiry together with the drawings.


A major asset in a age of environmental concern, Modern techniques have perfected ways of returning used aluminium to a new metal without the loss of purity or mechanical characteristics. The energy cost represents just 5% of the extraction energy required to produce from scratch.

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